“Saints & Sinners” Book TWO In “The New Age” Series. CH16. KATHERINE- Extinguished.

Chapter Sixteen

Katherine Medici


Paris- it’s quite a beautiful city. The perfectly trimmed trees lining the avenues and dotting the parks match the mirrored buildings. As I stand on the second level of the Eiffel Tower, looking at the Champs De Mars, I see nothing but symmetry. Look one way, or the other – it still looks relatively the same. But there is no other city like it on earth. I could even go as far as to say that I feel bad about what is going to happen today. After all, France is still rebuilding. But they won’t get far. I will turn this place to ash.

I toy with the rag doll in my hands. The raggy thing is dressed like a princess, with a long rope around its neck. I tie the other end of the rope to the ledge. The group of young travellers beside me seems perplexed about what I could be doing. I look to one of the young men in the group, smiling, “History has a habit of repeating itself, doesn’t it,” I toss the rag doll over the edge, the rope hanging it down the centre of the towers arch. I wink at the group and strut away as I blow a kiss out to the horizon. “It’s time to say good-bye to Paris.”

I decide to walk from the tower to La Defense. After all, Paris will only be looking this good for a short time longer, I may as well soak in the pretty before it turns nasty, all over again. There are still some reminders of the recent war throughout the city. Most of it has been repaired, but these things take time. Some of the more ornate statues and designs that were destroyed or damaged still haven’t been repaired. Along the way I stop at a public restroom. When I come back out I have concealed my long hair under a baseball cap, and sunglasses hide my face.

I make my way past the Champs Elysees, walking right under the arc where my half-brother was shot dead by a princess. The flames from the memorial of the fallen soldier didn’t stop, even during the war. The flames have since become an even bigger symbol for the French, a symbol of freedom. The flames stay lit in even the darkest of times, just as their people did. I stop beside the flame, waiting for my phone to vibrate. Two of my knights are underground. It wouldn’t work without them. Every magic show has its secrets. I lay a blood red rose beside the flames. My phone vibrates, signalling I’m good to go. I reach in to my purse and unravel a French flag. Some of the passers-by glance my way. But this is Paris, most people are oblivious and caught up in the glory of the city. I throw the flag in to the flames. I send a text back, just a simple interrobang to let the knights know they can finish. There are a few shocked reactions from those around me. I smile as the ground shakes beneath my feet and the flame goes out.

“The flame!” The witness’ are shocked. One elderly woman falls to the ground and weeps. I turn away from them and continue on my way. My phone rings. I speak to my Knights, “The flame is out, detonate the doll,” I order.

Back at the Eiffel Tower two more knights sit in a parked car just across the bridge on Avenue De New York. “As you say,” one of the Knights, Dawid, responds. Dawid hits the detonator. The doll handing from the railing of the tower explodes, expelling countless nails that have been used instead of stuffing. There are screams from those nearby. Countless people begin to fall to the ground, struck by the shrapnel. Everyone is running, but it does no good. The doll is simply to get them running towards an even greater hell. There are bags positioned throughout the park filled with more nails, easily over-looked because tourists leave their things behind all the time while they’re lost in taking pictures. Throughout the Champs De Mars more bags begin to explode. Within five more minutes the entire area is littered with the dead and the injured.

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