Ballad of the Foreign Aid

There are countrys we support by giving foreign aid
And we feel so mighty good, but look what we have made
Step by step we have destroyed their own economy
And if you wonder how, just take a look and see

So we go ahead and take the offcut from our meat
It’s not good enough for us but cheap meat they could need
With the dumping prices local farmers can’t compete
But we’ve satisfied our hearts and that’s all we ever need

And the same thing goes for their textile industry
How can you sell textiles when the people get them free?
So the firms go bankrupt and the unemployment rates
Rise from day to day, but who cares for their fates?

And the old automobiles wich we don’t need no more
They are shipped in masses to some third-world foreign shore
Tell me why they should need their own motor industry
When they can get used cars from us cheaply or for free

Then we send our trawlers, heading to a foreign sea
Taking away fish while we don’t hear the people’s plea
And when they become pirates ’cause they got nothing to eat
We don’t understand it – are we not sending meat?

And then when it comes to a disease like Ebola
In some undeveloped countrys in West Africa
They have got no caoutchouc for some rubber gloves to make
‘Cause it’s all exported and the healthcare system breaks

And when they come to Europe and they try go get their share
We just close the doors and we pretend that we don’t care
Maybe our policy’s the cause for them to come
But we don’t believe it for we did what could be done

Maha Maha (2015) [720p HD - AVC - MP4 - 1.5GB - Tamil]

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how to make sysfs changes persistent in centos 7 (systemd)

Trying to fix up the fn keys on my apple keyboard on CentOS 7, I’ve set

$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/hid_apple.conf
options hid_apple fnmode=2

and yet after a reboot

$ cat /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode

Suggestions on the internet include running update-initramfs, which doesn’t seem to exist on Centos 7, and doing the “echo 2 >> /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode” in /etc/rc.local, which of course doesn’t exist at all any more under systemd.

What’s the right way to persist that setting?