My Top 31 Horror Films – Just in Time for Halloween!

I LOVE watching horror films and thrillers all year long, but it’s especially fun during the month of October.  I watch so many scary movies that it was hard to narrow down a list of 31 favorites but I think I did a pretty good job.  Here is my list of favorites and why I like them so much:

1. Stephen King’s It

8b341b_itThis was one of the very first horror films I ever watched.  My parents were watching it one day, and they tell me I said “I don’t like that clown”.  Tim Curry is really horrifying in this film and the perfectly cast Pennywise in my opinion.  A theme of a lot of the movies I really love is the cast / audience not knowing if something is real or imaginary.  No one can see Pennywise except for a group of friends.  This is a great one to start the season of with, but it’s SUPER long so make sure to set aside an afternoon to watch it.  P.S. the ending is super lame, just skip it, trust me.  Live in a world where Tim Curry might pop out your storm drain.

2. The Exorcist

theexorcistWhat scary movie list would be complete without The Exorcist?  I also watched this one on TV when I was pretty young and I remember changing the channel every time something freaky happened, but I couldn’t stop watching.  I also didn’t eat split pea soup for like 10 years.  This one is pretty gory and a lot of bad language so be advised!   Oh and there is a lot of throw up too.

3. Pet Sematary


Another Stephen King classic!  This one has it all: zombie cats, ancient tribal burial grounds, a dimwit main character, and a demonically resurrected toddler.  It’s scary but also silly so this one is a good one to start with if you don’t watch many horror films.

4. Children of the Corn


I love this flick.  I even named my hamster after one of the characters in the film.  (I was a weird child).  Basically this is a story about a group of kids that are obsessed with hanging out in a corn field and get this wacky idea to kill all the adults in town.  My favorite part of the movie is all the menacing close ups of corn.  You’ll never go through a corn maze at the pumpkin patch again!

5. The Shining

52187-622609-shining_bikeAs you can see, I’m a huge Stephen King fan.  I read the book and actually prefer the movie version.  The book contains a lot of supernatural stuff, while the movie is just straightforward dad-is-losing-his-shit themed.  Kubrick really builds tension with his use of camera work and the labyrinthian set of the Overlook Hotel.

6. Child’s Play

Chucky-childs-play-25672969-1280-688Child’s Play is a classic that I saw when I was really young.  My parents basically let me rent whatever I wanted from Hollywood Video and I picked this once.  This really scared me as a kid!  So much so that when my mom spent like $200 getting me a doll that looked like me, I just had to tell her to get rid of it because it really freaked me out.  This movie is freaky but has a lot of funny parts.  Brad Dourif might be the best voice actor ever.

7. Bride of Chucky

Chucky-An-Tiffany-childs-play-25673267-1280-688Horror films always have sequels that the film companies milk and milk until people lose interest.  Child’s Play 2 and 3 came out shortly after the original and were pretty bad films.  The franchise dried up for a few years and then in 1998, magic happened with Bride of Chucky.  This film isn’t really scary it’s just hilarious and the best of the whole franchise in my opinion.  This is also a good one if a lot of horror films make you too scared!

8. Dahmer

qLoTj2r2dyubmSpPmmyLvllqnGjThis movie stars Jeremy Renner as Jeffrey Dahmer, the famous serial killer.  During the 70s and 80s, America was awash with serial killers.  Dahmer claims to have killed upwards of 40 people.  This movie humanizes him because it’s Jeremy Renner and he isn’t scary or evil, he’s just really weird and socially awkward.  It’s an interesting take on the serial killer subject so that’s why I enjoyed it.

9. Silence of the Lambs

silence2I love this movie!!  It has such a great story and all the actors are amazing.  Anthony Hopkins is amazing in this role, he really freaks you out.  If you haven’t seen this movie, this would be the first one I’d watch.  It’s a great scary one and the best part is, it could totally be true.

10. Suspiria

suspiria-TechnicolorThis film is a pleasure to watch.  The set design is so good, it’s almost like watching a play happen.  The elaborate design and vibrant colors add to the sinister vibe of the ballet-school-that’s-actually-run-by-evil-witches.  This was made in the late 70s so the acting is just okay but the awesome set and kooky 70s special effects make it one of my favorites.

11. The Craft

Nancy-the-craft-31410610-1500-992It’s a 90s movie about a band of hot, teenage witches.  Just watch it, you’ll love it!

12.  Nightmare on Elm Street (the original)

Nightmare-on-Elm-Street-horror-legends-26044647-1024-768This is another one of those movies where the characters are getting lost between what’s real and what’s in their heads.  Is freaky Freddie really there, or is it all just a dream?  This one will definitely give you nightmares!

13. From Dusk til Dawn

From-Dusk-Till-Dawn-backgroundLet me just set the scene : George Clooney with a tribal tattoo and his sidekick Quentin Tarantino are trapped in a Mexican bar in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of blood sucking vampires and Danny Trejo.  This movie is pretty fun, but it is really violent and gory and they say the f-word A LOT.  I love it though just because of Danny Trejo.

14. Hellraiser (the original)


This movie is super freaky and weird.  It was made in the late 80s before computer animation had really taken off and there is a lot of amazing makeup and special effects in this film.  I’m still not 100% sure what is going on in this film and it’s a lot of supernatural weird stuff but for the special effects and makeup, I’ll watch it again and again.

15.  The Blair Witch Project


Blair Witch Project is really high on my list of favorite films actually.  I love the concept of it: three people go to find the Blair Witch and never return, their footage is found a year later, making the film.  There are supernatural elements, but also the human aspects of fear, paranoia, frustration, and hunger.  It’s scary because both these things are working against the characters.

16. The Descent

the-descentThis one will scare you real good!  A group of women decide to go “discover” a completely unexplored cave, and they encounter something evil living within.  This is not the movie for you if you are at all claustrophobic.

17. Halloween

Halloween-1That white mask is terrifying.  The original don’t-go-out-on-Halloween-cuz-there’s-psychos-about movie.  Our neighbor used to dress up like this guy every year and sit on his porch and scare the trick-or-treaters, and even though I knew it was just a neighbor it still freaked me out to walk by him.  Love this movie this time of year!

18. The Ring

The_RingThis one is a beyond the grave thriller that leaves Naomi Watts entangled in a scary web of supernatural forces.  It all starts when she watches a freaky video tape and learns she has now been cursed.  I loved this movie when it came out in middle school, a lot of good scares!

19. Poltergeist

poltergeist-sz-02Make sure your new sub-development isn’t built on an Indian burial ground or else things might start to get freaky!  This is one of the few ghost stories I can get behind because the ghosts take no shit right from the beginning.  They’re moving furniture, filling the swimming pool with dead bodies, and possessing already scary looking clown dolls.  This is a great movie to watch on your suburban street!

20. The Fly

jeff-goldblum-as-seth-brundle-in-the-flyJeff Goldblum tries some freaky experiments with some serious ramifications in this sci-fi thriller.  I won’t spoil it for you!  I love this flick and the Jeff Goldblum – Gina Davis combo is a winner.

21. Final Destination

f1This is another great 1990s movie about teens cheating death.  Ali Larter is so young in this one!  I just like the story and the crazy ways people die in this one.  It’s pretty silly though.

22.  Urban Legend


This movie is based on different urban legends.  I grew up researching urban legends on the internet with friends at slumber parties.  We would really freak each other out looking up different ones.  I like this movie because there’s a great twist at the end.

23. Alien

cyborg-Ash-AlienThis is a great sci-fi thriller!  There are tons of twists and turns throughout the whole movie.  I love the alien costume also, which was worn by a 7 ft tall actor!  This movie is really short so it packs a lot of scare in a short amount of time.  There’s lots of surprises!

24. Se7en

se7en_mills_shoots_doe_brad_pittThis is one of the best movies on my list. It’s a movie about a serial killer that is leaving clues based on the Seven Deadly Sins.  Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are detectives trying to figure out the riddle before the killer gets another victim.  It’s a really well told story with great acting!

25. Rosemary’s Baby


This one is a classic creepy film.  I love the way the story unfolds and how it ends with a twist!

26. Scream


The original Scream is a great thriller.  To this day, there are always a couple of these guys running around on Halloween.  It’s a good and simple thriller that’s scary and campy.  I love this one!

27. The Bad Seed (original 1956 movie)

hdiCDITLt7KvJEWwnmq9ph1EP6WThe original Bad Seed is such a creepy movie.  A little blonde girl in pigtails that’s really a cold blooded killer.  Nothing is creepier!  A great movie at any time, but I especially love watching around Halloween.

28. Single White Female

swf-2We’ve all had that one friend who’s just a bit to clingy.  This takes that to the next level with a roommate from hell that wants to take over Bridget Fonda’s life.  This is one of my favorite movies!

29. American Psycho

american_psychoThis movie isn’t really scary, it’s weird, funny, and thought-provoking.  It paints such a vapid picture of the Yuppie scene in the 1980s in New York.  This one is a classic and a must see.

30. Enter the Void

Enter the VoidThis movie isn’t really scary, but it’s definitely mind bending.  It is set in Tokyo and it follows one of the characters as he’s dying and his soul is moving to the next world.  It’s a long one, almost 3 hours, but it’s a good freak out.  There are some graphic parts so beware!

31. Pi

tumblr_n8v6hvEVgP1riy8svo6_1280This is my favorite Darren Aronofsky film.  It’s creepy and weird and will really make you feel paranoid.  It’s not flat out scary but it’s definitely creepy.  This one can be a little hard to watch because of the way it’s filmed and the grainy black and white.

So there’s my list of super creepy films to get you through the month of October.  What scary movies are your favorites? I’d love some suggestions!

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