Maze Runner – amazing book, disastrous movie (reflection/review)

I know I usually write poems, but I just have to write my opinion about the worst movie I`ve ever seen. Or at least in the last few months, maybe years.

I`m sure almost everyone did see the movie earlier than me, no surprise. I was busy finishing the book. Wise choice. And yes, SPOILER ALERT.

It`s based on the book. But I don`t know which book. Definitely not the one I`ve read. Not even close.

Amazing book with intelligent maze pattern, thrilling story and quite funny name meanings turned into a boring bull**** with totally not explained story and no meaning at all. Let`s just make money because the book was a success.

Everything that James Dashner did, Wes Ball and his team ruined. The pattern of the Maze, the code that it gave them, it turned into nothing. The interesting fact of their names (like Newt – Newton, Alby – Albert Einstein) was completely ignored. The way the Grievers sounded and moved, totally changed, so the point was lost. By the way, good to know that Minho was that brave and cold minded when they got trapped with Alby and Thomas in the Maze, that he just didn`t run away as a lunatic and then came to his mind (yes, sarcasm).

And Alby`s death? He sacrificed himself because he would rather die than go back because he saw what was the world about! He was not just “kidnapped” and killed by the Griever. What a mess. It was one boy per night. So they had to do something. To find the courage. To think and fight. Not just total nonsense of Grievers running and killing everyone!!! And what`s with the sky that disappeared and didn`t really exist in the Maze?!

Well, I can live without the telepathy thing, and without good friendship between Alby and Thomas and even without Minho training Thomas. I can get over the Grievers RUNNING!!! But without the real Griever Hole instead of some suddenly appearing new path because they had the sensor from a Griever showing them the way, just no. No no. A big no-no. By the way: float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, push!!! They had to figure it out, to actually use their brains, not just lucky accident.

Literally the worst movie I`ve seen in the last few months (maybe even years). And I have to point out that I was forced to watch Twilight!!!

That`s my opinion and I had to share it with someone because I`ve never been that frustrated and disenchanted after watching a movie.

Well, congrats Wes Ball, you`re making Brett Ratner and his Xmen – The Last Stand looking good. Even the new Wolverine, I call it Japanese Wolverine, was more interesting.

I don`t mind when the story is a bit different, but this?!!! Most of the time I`m a bit disappointed when I read a book and then watch a movie, but this?!!!

Thanks God that I`ve read the book first. Otherwise I wouldn`t even look at it at a bookstore. I would just rolled my eyes and ignore it. Completely. And I would have missed an amazing book!

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